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Poet prophet candidate for president

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Epistle Proposellamium for Louise Gluck

Epistle Proposelamium

Dear Louise,

I’m ensconced on a slave ship.
Soon I’ll be over the side.
Imagine your Michael,
Handsome balding and overboard
Lost at sea. Louise,
I’m yearning for life in Queens,
A first floor flat
With a fence and a terrace
I’ll change my ways
Work for your father
And write for his blades,
“Buy Exacto,
The smart man’s marker in Harlem.”
Your mother will love
My charms and my wealth,
And only for you my phallus.

Sweet Queens Louise
In all the best bookstores
I write on the walls
When I was in New York
I dosed up Louise Gl├╝ck
Strange little bugs
Ride out my head
But I dreamed this gossip!
I’ll swear it’s just an untrue lyric.
Please Louise your hand
Don’t gaff me,
So what if I’ve
A head full of graffiti,
The hand that jerks this tool
Will jerk you, too, It’s true.

Louise, I want romance.
Seize the chance
And give me a squeeze
I’ll teach you Louise
I make lots of noise.
It would be lovely
My hand in your waist
Soft and open
I’ll take a taste
Trembling sweet and unafraid
Without any wax
I want you.

Michael Stephen Levinson
[S.S. Young America
Panama Canal Zone, 1968]Image

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Switching from Nucleus to wordpress

I would like to make the switch from Nucleus to Word Press. Can the Guided transfer people do that? Would they? I like Nucleus, but wp has spam protection and more. My website is crossing the 4000 unique visitors this month I am an independent candidate for president and I have to make improvements!


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Sarah Palin Fakery

On the Sarah Palin issue, she smells that 80 million in federal campaign money upon nomination by the republicans. Win lose or draw, (she would lose), she would go home with at least a couple hundred thousand dollars in clothing – anything you can imagine the FEC would approve of as wearable, and more than one Bernie Madoff quality watch for each member of the whole family because what time it is, is important information on the campaign trail.

She quoted Hillary Rodham Clintstone with her, “I’m in it to win it.”
Note these so-called wanna bee candidates, Sarah and the rest do not offer any guidance beyond “policy” pronouncements, their bad poetry which requires the electorate read between the lines, nor do they offer a stand on any issue, as to what we should do or how we should get it done. We need to DUMP THE 535 and begin again; start anew.

Golly! Sarah Palin didn’t even write or edit her newest book. It was ghost written without any “with” admission on the cover.

Based on Sarah Palin’s hectic schedule, speeches for $75K a clip, a TV series production of a “”reality” program involving her and her family, her duties with Fox, when did lame beam Palin have any time to “write” this book.

Someone ought to question Sarah about various chapters in the book, writings of others she claims to have read, etc., except she is not about to allow an interview with anyone asking question along those lines as that will be as embarrassing as the Katie Couric interview where it was clear, the depth of Palin’s reading is Wasilla’s The Penny-Saver.

Three out of ten people, according to a recent survey, do not care for the Jews. They are, for all practical purposes, Jew haters. That is Sarah Palin’s support group, the 30% that would vote for her . . Jew haters, as Sarah Palin is, by her splinter Christian background, a confirmed Jew hater. I hold the view she is class less igloo trash.

Not all Christians, by any stretch, hold Palin’s lame views.

It will come out, in the event she runs, that upon arrival in Hawaii, as a teenager with raging hormones, first time away from home, she bedded down with a Hawaiian native and instantly got herself pregnant. So Palin dropped out of school, returned to Alaska and her father arranged an abortion. that is why she had the five kids . . . . guilt.

Palin sort of admitted this recently when talking about her daughter’s antics with Levi upstairs in her house. She said something, words to the effect that she had “been there.”

She is class less igloo trash! A hypocrite. But the recent Palin baby, with Downs, is so cool. He is bright eyed, and very very alert to every thing going on around him. I expect Baby Trig will turn out to be the smartest of her lot.

She smells that 80 million in campaign money from the government. That is what she wants. that’s the “win it.”

More needs be said on this DUMP THE 535 issue.

I’m going to show you the way where together we will renew our politics, because my signature program is The Vehicle for World Peace, a spoken poem for all mankind, lettered on the page in double columns with every line a delicate sensible rhyme, starting out with my signature story of Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum.
Suppose we set up an online Government in Exile and begin drafting the planks in our platform. Then we have a gathering of 200,000 delegates to ratify our platform and we all cough up $200.00 delegate fee. Sounds like 40 million dollars to run our nomination party. So we politic all day, in the open air, and then at night it’s time to spend that 40 million on delegate entertainment: Bruce, Bono, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the Stones and many others. We politic all day on C-SPAN, and party all night with a pay per view deal. HBO will play it live and all of USA will participate.

Stay tuned.

Amer e kins feel

All men are e quill,

Lead ers come for word

They have clear heads

Be gin in log ca bins

Rite there own speech is

May ka lodda sense in

Don’t raise there voice is

I am an independent write-in candidate for president of United States. In the event you cannot learn how to write-in my name you don’t deserve to have me. I am not opposed to having my name printed on any ballot, but all should understand I am in the race for president to the end, regardless of my status on the ballots, and regardless of the two shell political parties that have so-far destroyed all the attempts by the American people to create something independent of them.

I seek the nomination of both parties so we can proceed to present a united face to the world, as my signature issue on the table is World Peace, and the means, The Vehicle for World Peace, to deliver your world to peace. I bring to the table a prophetic work of art, a Television Scripture entitled, The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, a prophetic work of art with at least a dozen world events carefully described in advance, lettered on the page for purposes of performing, on whirled wide television, like old blind Homer, from dusk until dawn, for all the worlds’ peoples to participate in all at once, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme.

The God inspired Television Scripture begins with Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum, and traces all the generations of men. I eggs plain how the Cheyenne-easy people became yellow skinned, amongst other tales, for eggs ample the marvelous tale of how God, the Creator of the Universe, the LAN Lord uh pin Heaven, fashioned Man in His own image.

When I impart this element of our creation to you, I will reveal something so far hidden in your DNA, that will bring every jaw to drop in awe as upon my telling this one aspect of my vision you will have your own revelations on the spot-that walking and talking in your country is a genuine living prophet who like you, gets out of bed and puts on one sock at a time, but inspired with words for all man kind.

You will conclude the poet prophet is that special person j. edgarina, the fascist cross dressing pervert of dirt marked down a person of “special interest” in 1970.

Because of Hoover’s CLASSIFIED still in effect memoranda, it has in fact, taken all of these 40 years to merely set the stage for the poet prophet to deliver, from the political stage, a speech on behalf of his candidacy.

That is good news, because the poet prophet has an innovative solution for every prob limb facing our nation. The bad noose is the overwhelming majority of the 535 people you have elected to protect your First Amendment rights in your constitution are fascist confusers of reality, that reality confusion the modus operandi of most of your elected representatives, so my slogan DUMP THE 535 / The 535 MUST GO carries weight and in your heart rings a bell.

Thomas l. Friedman is my choice for Secretary of state as he is the perfect person to work with in arranging that every country’s governments, besides all the television and radio channels, world wide are “officially” tuned in. Then eye settle every thing.

In the televised land of the blind, the one-eyed Man is King

Happy Thanksgiving and have fun shopping!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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